Re: Ok to redirect to GNOME Library?

Tim Janik wrote:

> - the above link doesn't actually work
> - the front page links to which is
>    a directory listing

It is in the middle of a major rebuild, moving stuffs from
/developers/ to /devel/, as suggested by jdub.

>    - the API overview here:
>      is ordered by dependencies, this ordering needs to be preserved


>    - the module names/titles shouldn't be marked in red (red is
>      far too intrusive for normal text it allmost looks like error
>      messages)


>    - links should be clearly identifiable as links like on the
>      current pages (blue with underline)


> - the most requested documentation feature at linuxtag was to make
>    our docs searchable, has
>    a site specific google search entry now. this functionality
>    needs to be preserved.

It is most certainly possible; I don't know how site-specific Google
search works.

> - i personally find the grey background image star on
>    fairly irritating when reading the index. i'd prefer
>    the index text to not change contrast by removing
>    the grey star from the areas which display actual
>    code (i.e. below the "GTK+ Reference Manual" block)

It got lighter recently; if it still too much it can certainly be
hidden on actual documentation pages.

> - currently, new trunk based docs can be put up (fixed) immediately
>    by doing a new upload (a 24h lag due to automated builds would be
>    acceptable here though). you say you're building docs nightly
>    from release tarballs only?
>    how can we get trunk based docs up then?

You could just push the trunk tarball at at known location.


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