Re: Ok to redirect to GNOME Library?

On Tue, 2007-08-14 at 16:31 -0400, Olav Vitters wrote: 
> GTK+ is the main user of the developer API reference with links from:
> I want to redirect:
> to:
> See for instance the GTK+ API reference on:

Looks very nice.  Minor comments:

  - In I see the following
available versions:

  * 1.10
      * 1.12
      * 1.14
      * 1.16
      * 1.17

It makes sense to clearly mark 1.17 as devel/unstable.

  - Like others have said already, a alias that links to the
latest stable release may make sense.

  - Why not list the minor version of each of those available versions?

  - The page links to a specific
version, not the listing.  How is one supposed to get to the listing?

  - This one may need changes in gtk-doc, but would be very useful if we
could have something like
and have it work.  In fact, what would be more useful would be to make redirect to where it
should.  That's how works and it has been extremely useful.  If
I want to read docs for the function phpinfo(), I go to

> Note: GNOME Library currently finds new tarballs every night. At one
> point this will start after install-module runs (low priority right
> now).
> If nobody objects within a week I'll make this change.



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