Re: Ok to redirect to GNOME Library?

David Nečas (Yeti) wrote:

> > do you believe a "latest" symlink would
> > be useful ?  As well as a "stable" symlink ?
> A stable or latest alias would be definitely useful, but...

This has been taken care of.

> Let me explain: The conclusion on gtk-doc was that it is not
> feasible to keep the on-line location of everything in
> gtk-doc, instead libraries should advertise their on-line
> reference base URLs (if there is any) and a mechanisms for
> this and for base URL switching/correction have been already
> implemented.
> This would work well with the current state when each
> library has one on-line location (containing the latest
> version).  The new scheme leaves me wondering what to do
> when one just wants to link to GObject (gboolean, whatever)
> documentation.  What is the canonical link?  Is there any?

Okay, I understand your problem now.  Although I don't have a perfect
answer.  Canonical link would be{doc_module}/latest/{whatever}

Current directory layout is the only one making sense if we want to
maintain several versions in; however we could
probably devise a few mod_rewrite rules to expose other URI schemes,
such as{doc_module}/{whatever}.


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