Re: [gtk-devel-list] Design decisions for GLib and GTK+ on Win32

James Henstridge writes:
 > Note that votes alone probably aren't enough to ensure continuing
 > support.

Indeed. ("Continuing support" here means just that the win9x code
would be kept in the HEAD sources, not that it would actually be known
to work on win9x.)

 > It will require developer time and testers to make sure it
 > continues to work.

Well, "continues to work" is an overstatement when we are talking
about HEAD, the last version of gtk+ known to work on Win95 is
probably 2.4? 2.6 might work on Win98 and ME. Those will stay as they
are. (And if somebody wants to backport later fixes to these old
versions, feel free.)

 > From Tor's original email, it sounds like he doesn't currently have a
 > system to test Win9x support with.

I do have a Win98 virtual machine in vmware, but I am not going to
volunteer any of my spare time to work on Win9x support;)

(It's for 256-colour mode that I don't seem to even have anything to
test with. Not even in a virtual machine (running XP) does Display
Settings offer a 256-colour mode. Is it really so that modern Windows
graphics card drivers only support truecolor, except perhaps in
full-screen modes for old games?)


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