Re: [gtk-devel-list] Design decisions for GLib and GTK+ on Win32

On Mon, 28 Aug 2006 14:39:11 +0300
Tor Lillqvist <tml iki fi> wrote:
>mpsuzuki hiroshima-u ac jp writes:
> > Dropping Win9x code from HEAD means "GTK+ 2.12 won't support for
> > Win9x"?
>Yes. For GTK+ 2.10 the situation is the same as for 2.8, i.e. it would
>presumably work otherwise, if cairo would.

I see.

> > I see. Do you think it is possible that packaging Win95 support
> > code as separate library?
>Yes. The "separate library" is calld GTK+ 2.6 ;)

Umm, what I mean was something like an optional win95 support
library for GTK+ HEAD, not forked version of GTK+/Win9x.
Anyway, due to the fact that GTK+ has been unworking on Win9x
for a long time, I must change my thought. I ask, removing of
Win9x related codes should be done at one time, and should not
be mixed with other update. It makes easy that somebody retrieve 
the removed Win9x related code by simple CVS diff.

> > I guess, the import Uniscribe into pangowin32 is requested to
> > add complex script rendering feature to pangowin32 itself.
> > By Uniscribe rendering, the complex script rendering would
> > be exactly same with popular Win32 applications (e.g. wordpad.exe).
>Yes. ("would" is wrong, it *is* (one would hope) and has been for a
>long time.)

I see.

> > I guess it is the advantage prioritized by the people who request
> > default-and-builtin Uniscribe support. Am I right?
>Hmm, I don't really understand what you mean here. There are no
>alternatives to Uniscribe for Pango on Win32. There is code in Pango
>itself for complex script processing only when using the
>fontconfig-based backends.

Ah, what I meant was almost same with previous line, you already
answered enoughly, sorry.

>The code would still check at run-time for the availability of
>usp10.dll, and link to it dynamically. Thus one might still be able to
>use pangowin32 on Win9x... but that is mostly a pointless fact as GTK+
>uses pangocairo (which uses cairo and pangowin32).

I was not aware of dynamic check of usp10.dll availability,
sounds interesting. Could we restrict pango to use Uniscribe
as simple left-to-right text rendering? If so, I change my
vote to Yes.

And, is it possible to switch complexed text layout system
between Uniscribe and HarfBuzz dynamically? ("dynamically"
means no application restart, no reconfiguration of


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