Re: [gtk-devel-list] Design decisions for GLib and GTK+ on Win32

mpsuzuki hiroshima-u ac jp writes:
 > I vote No, but please let me ask a silly question:
 > if cairo works on Win9x, GTK+ HEAD will work as
 > newer Win32 platforms?

I have no idea. GTK+ 2.8 might. But is there somebody working on
making cairo run on Win9x? And if somebody did this, wouldn't it be
enough to keep the Win9x support in GTK+ 2.10 (and earlier), and
retire it from HEAD?

 > Or, even if cairo works on Win9x, more additional (and hard to
 > maintain) codes for Win95 are required?

Well, I wouldn't call the code hard to maintain as such, just
messy. But it's not just a question of having to keep two code paths
(one using wide characters strigns and "W" APIs, the other using
system codepage char strings and "A" APIs) here and there. Some APIs
that would be useful to use aren't available at all on Win9x, like
GetFontUnicodeRanges. (Although GetFontUnicodeRanges seems to be
broken in the sense that it can't handle fonts with coverage outside
the BMP, so we couldn't use it anyhow, sigh.)

 > BTW, the request of Uniscribe backend is for Unicode text layout
 > by Uniscribe instead of HarfBuzz? Anything else?

Er, Harfbuzz doesn't do the same thing Uniscribe, does it? Uniscribe
is what takes care of the complex script processing, for which on Unix
Pango uses the code in the pango-arabic-fc, pango-hangul-fc,
pango-hebrew-fc, pango-indic-fc etc modules. Or am I confused?


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