Design decisions for GLib and GTK+ on Win32

I think now is the time to decide a couple of issues:

- Can the support for Win9x be dropped from GLib and GTK+ HEAD? Note
that cairo has never worked on Win9x, so GTK+ has de facto not worked
on Win9x since 2.8 anyway.

Dropping Win9x support would mean (slightly) cleaner source code in a
couple of files.

- Can the support for 256-colour (palettized) display mode be dropped
from GTK+ HEAD? I have no idea whether it even works currently, and I
can't test as my display adapter doesn't even offer a 256-colour mode
in Display Properties. 

If it doesn't work, which I suspect, who is going to fix it? Not I

The support for palettized displays is very ugly and ad-hoc code, it
would be a relief to get rid of it.

- Can support for the ActiveIMM thingie used to implement IMEs on NT4
(and Win9x) be dropped? Again, I have no idea whether it currently
works anyway... (On Windows 2000 and later IMEs are built in, no
separate thingie is needed.)

- Can Uniscribe be made non-optional in pangowin32? This would just
mean dropping some lines of, and dropping some ifdefs
from basic-win32.c. Having it even possible to build pangowin32
without Uniscribe kinda defeats the whole purpose of Pango, doesn't

My vote is yes on all counts ;)


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