2.3.1; traveling; request for bug help

- I'm planning to do a 2.3.1 release Thursday morning,
  this will be very much a "whatever is there" release;
  I'll just write the news and push whatever is in CVS.

- I'll be traveling (Boston, NY GNOME summit, visiting parents
  for Thanksgiving, etc.) most of the rest of Nov; I should
  have email access basically all the time, but I might
  be a little less responsive than usual.

- I'd really appreciate some help with getting bugzilla
  under control for 2.4.0; there are 400+ bugs for 
  GLib and GTK+ on the --- 2.2.4/5, 2.4 API freeze and
  2.4.0. :-(

  What would make me very happy would be if people wanted
  to adopt portions of the bug tracker (whole components
  like gdk-pixbuf, GtkTreeView, or subparts like 
  "GtkNotebook bugs") and sort out the bugs on the above
  milestones into categories like:

   - Duplicates, junk bugs, and other bugs that can be closed
   - Bugs that we really should fix prior to 2.4 API freeze
   - Bugs that we really should fix prior to 2.4.0
   - Bugs that need decisions

  Roughly along the lines of:


  If you want to take this activity further and fix the  bugs that
  really should be fixed, of course, that's appreciated, but the primary
  thing is to get the list of bugs down to something realistic to deal
  with on our current schedule:



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