Re: 2.3.1; traveling; request for bug help

I also looked at the gdk-pixbuf bugs.


*: change ready to commit
+: bug I think should be fixed for 2.4.0
?: maybe fix, maybe punt  
-: good punt candidate
p: has a patch


+p 112412 Corrections done by correct_total seem excessive when using
   needs someone with an understanding of Owens "filter math" paper to
   verify my conclusions

?  105859 Gtk+ image corruption on Linux Alpha
   needs someone with a 64bit system to debug 

?  124496 Bad handling of --with-included-loaders in Gtk+ 2.2.4
   needs Makefile hacking; doesn't look hard

-  125232 GTK+ compile fails on gdk-pixbuf-csource on HP-UX w/ ANSI-C
   needs to be debugged on HP-UX

2.4 API freeze

- 74291 Feature request: gdk_pixbuf_new_from_raw_data ()
  simple, but not very important

- 95865 gdk_pixbuf_rotate_simple
  simple, but not very important


+p 111922 scaling functions have bugs
   patch needs some more work

+  107398 One too many frame updates for GIF animations?
   needs a test case, then the fix will be trivial

?p 90621 patch for integer pixops
   kind of depends on the accuracy guarantees that need to be defined
   for 77248/77249, to figure out if a fixed point implementation is 

?p 101628 [patch] JBig pixbuf loader
   needs a policy decision: since the introduction of
   we've had some success with bundling pixbuf loaders with the 
   image library they depend on, therefore I'd be reluctant to 
   introduce new dependencies on non-standard image libs into
   gdk-pixbuf. If bundling this with jbigkit isn't an option, then 
   maybe we should think about an umbrella project for 3rd party 
   pixbuf loaders, similar to

-  50187 Robustness audit on pixbuf loader modules
   the loaders should be pretty robust now, since Soerens 
   random data tests have allowed us to plug many holes.
   Owens final comment in the bug is "the remaining project here 
   (developing a standard for a formal audit and doing it) is a 
   rather large job."

-  77248 mmx / tile scaling bug
   no patch, hard to fix, needs figuring out the accuracy guarantees
   we want would be the first step before trying to get the MMX 
   code working in more cases.

-  77249 rounding in pixops
   seems more or less a duplicate of 77248; the fix here would be
   a spec for the desired rounding behaviour

-  80927 Special-case compositing/copying with no scaling
   no patch, a lot of work

-  60842 configure/compile error. Line too long when generating gtk/s
   what we have now works, if it isn't elegant

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