Re: WM_NAME not getting set in Puppy

On Tue, 2003-11-11 at 17:44, Barry Kauler wrote:
> Owen,
> Thanks for the feedback...
> >> Puppy only has GTK v1.2.10 (same as Redhat 8.0), Athena/neXtaw and
> >> Qt 2.3 applications. Most of the apps are GTK apps.
> >>
> >> But, what looks really bad is that all the GTK apps display with
> >"Untitled" in
> >> the window title bar. I'm using Fvwm95, and the developer of that
> >Nobody else has reported problems with (the highly obsolete) GTK+-1.2.10
> >since it was released 3 years or so ago, so I'd look on your end. If I
> >had to guess, it might be a problem with your locale configuration.
> Ah ha! so, it is related to locale, which is broken somewhat on Puppy.
> When a GTK app starts, there is an error message, some thing like
> "GDK error, cannot set locale, using C".
> So if I fix locale, it should be right.


> A question though... I compiled all the GTK apps with "--disable-nls", as
> Puppy has to work in a tiny ramdisk (and has just about everything,
> including wordprocessor, desktop publishing, multimedia, etc, all in the
> 48M ramdisk). I've used Redhats GTK shared libraries as-is, but if I
> really wanted to go down the route of not supporting locale switching,
> does GTK 1.2 have the option of turning it off? ...I know I should read
> the compile docs with the source tarball, but could you give me an
> indication whether this is a bad direction to be thinking toward?

You could almost certainly hack GTK+-1.2 to simply assume ISO-8859-1
is the only encoding that is going to be used when setting the window
title. I'm not going to tell you how to do it.


> P.S. 2
> Interesting, Puppy has Qt 2.3, for Konqueror-embedded web browser
> and Scribus desktop publishing, and that gives no error message and
> sets WM_NAME ok. ...but then, I compiled Qt myself, and probably
> turned off the locale support part (I don't have access to my notes
> on that right now).

It gives no error message because GTK+ is just noisier about broken
locale configs than many other apps. 


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