Re: 2.3.1; traveling; request for bug help

I took a look at the glib bugs. Here is what I found.


*: change ready to commit
+: bug I think should be fixed for 2.4.0
?: maybe fix, maybe punt  
-: good punt candidate
p: has a patch


+p 119261 gspawn can hang when limits are set too high
   patch needs to be redone to incorporate Owens feedback

+  119490 system snprintf used even if broken
   should be easy, just tighten up some configure checks

?p 11059 Linux poll issue
   has a two years old patch which is said to need testing/debugging

?p 116617 still failed assertions for EINTR
   not clear if the patches are complete

?p 107626 g_module_symbol(NULL, ...) fails with loaded modules
   has a patch, but seems to require further thought and testing

?  82093 strsignal assumed to be either const or not - should be test
   Owen proposes a simple solution for 2.4 

?  98737 g_spawn* Win32 implementation needs work
   partially done, no idea how hard the remaining bits are

-  66199 Potential memory leak in gtk_init
   not touched for more than a year, seems to be blocked on disagreement
   between Owen & Tim

-  73861 iconv missing conversions on IRIX
   not touched for more than a year, open issue is to remove a warning
   if people start complaining about it

-  101248 MSVC makefiles need updates
   no idea what needs doing here

-  101792 g_dir_read_name: filename encoding on Win32
   not clear what to do here
-  118952 G_THREAD_LIBS used instead of G_THREAD_LIBS_FOR_GTHREAD in p
   toolchain/configuration problem on s390

2.4 API freeze

*p 50296 UNIX signal main loop source
   has been through multiple iterations

*p 78414 g_queue_remove() and g_queue_remove_all()
   has been though multiple iterations

*p 88329 Add g_strtokenize()
   even has tests     

*p 98536 Add g_timer_continue()
   this one too

*p 121386 glib-mkenums: Allow override of lowercase-ization for _get_t
+p 63621 Add GAtomicInt for atomic integer operations
   needs to be expanded to other architectures besides i486
+  107397 G_TYPE_BOILERPLATE wanted, as replacement of GNOME_CLASS_BOI
   should be easy
   (Owens comment from Sep 12: I think this is a *big* help in writing 
    new object types  and would really like to see this addition for 

?p 121027 avoid emission of class closure only signals
   Tim wasn't convinced of the approach 

?p 51639 Equivalent of __FUNCTION__ for Sun's compiler
   patch needs to be redone to incorporate Owens feedback

?p 110528 collecting value arrays is inconvenient
   needs a better name than GStrv
   (Owens comment from Sep 12: Pretty trivial patch, main question is 
    whether NULL terminated arrays arrays like this are the right way 
    to do it.)

?  81040 G_TYPE_GTYPE is missing from fundamental types
   should be easy

?  99226 Add G_HIDDEN
   should be easy 
   (Owens comment from Sep 12: Might be worth looking at the 'slim' 
    stuff that Cairo is using for alternate symbol-hiding magic.)

-p 80498 Added function g_io_channel_new_pipe()
   needs a win32 implemenation to be useful

-p 111848 function to canonicalize file names
   needs to be modified to not follow symlinks, win32 implementation
   (Owens comment from Sep 12: I don't think we really have a good sense
    of exactly what we want here yet.)

-  83729 Patches to add iterators to GLib
   de facto WONTFIXed already, judging by the comments
   (Owens comment from Sep 12: I consider this a wontfix, but *still* 
    haven't written up the detailed rational for that)

-  103710 Why is there no G_MININT32/16/8, G_MAXINT32/16/8, G_MAXUINT3
   rather pointless constants

-  113075 support "nonnull" attribute
   not very useful

-  113697 g_ptr_array_sort_[with_data] is twisted
   the twistedness has at least been documented
   (Owens comment from Sep 12: I really don't know what to do with this 
    one. We need to come up with replacement names and deprecate the 
    current functions.)

-  122057 Add g_warning_location()
-  120299 Win32 iochannel/g_poll/etc code needs rewrite
   no patch, sounds like a lot of work


*p 118536 Make g_signal_connect_object'ed handlers disconnect when the
   patch has had some iterations

*p 100456 unicode normalization doesn't handle hangul syllables
   includes a testcase

*p 118973 Pan does not understand "&" in username field of /etc/passwd
   implements a relatively obscure traditional passwd feature
+p 113116 Consider caching of type check information
   seems to provide a "not insignificant" speedup

+p 117067 Speed up g_param_spec_pool_lookup
+  99587 Update g_unichar_iswide
   the task is to update the wcwidth.c code to the latest version
   by Markus Kuhn.

?p 101426 GScanner is very slow with big files
   sitting there since December last year, waiting for a comment 
   from Tim...

?  106433 Unecessary read lock in g_type_class_peek_parent
   should be trivial, according to Owen

-  106925 g_new0 performance
   should be simple

-  116308 Support ./configure XGETTEXT=blah
   sounds like a simple configure tweak   

-  71704 Header file include order
   purely janitorial

-  100697 Problems with -pthread and shared libraries
   just left open for removing some configure hacks when a fixed
   libtool appears one day

-  108038 Screwed-up headers guards
   purely janitorial

-  119615 glib-gettext.m4 obsolete macro
   not clear what to do

- 57691	check error conditions in backend read/write/seek
  no action on this for a long time; win32 specific

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