Re: Creating a non-focused window

On Sat, May 24, 2008 at 11:12 PM, James Scott Jr <skoona verizon net> wrote:


The word "hint" almost always refers to a potential capability of the
Window Manager; meaning the wm does not have to honor the request or
feature.  Maybe your code is working and the wm is ignoring the request!

Hi James,

You are of course correct in your remark. It is possible that the problem
lies with Gnome, not with GTK. Yet it is - or should be considered - a bug,
when Gnome, the most prevalent user of the GTK+ library, disregards a hint
set by one of the core built-in methods in that library.

So, this is either a bug in GTK+ (failing to set the designated hint) or in
Gnome (failing to respect a hint properly set by GTK+).



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