Mixing of memory allocation methods with application

I have a GTK application which is working with a C library (Libmtp). This C library uses standard C functions such as free, malloc, strndup, etc.

When I am working with a structure from this library, I should be using those same functions on those structures right? Because *my* parts of my application (elsewhere) are using the g_xxxx functions.

For example, right now I have a structure coming from Libmtp for playlists. When renaming that playlist I used:

free (playlist->name);
playlist->name = g_strdup (new_name);

Is this going to cause problems? Should I make sure to use:

free (playlist->name);
playlist->name = strdup (new_name);

Also, these structures have arrays of tracks (uint32_t*). I have some routines which replace that array with the 'data' member of a GArray... that's probably *bad* since GArray doesn't use regular malloc()... right?

- Micah Carrick

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