Re: Treeview column width changed signal

With some trepidation about extending this wearisome thread, I thought that
I would post for the benefit of the record some information about a
solution that I found.  It is based on a suggestion made by Kristian
Rietveld in the previous incarnation of this thread (which I quoted when I
resurrected the thread).  He suggested connecting to the "notify::width"
signal on each column.  He warned that I needed to keep the callback fast
and specifically directed that I not write a file in the callback.  As
writing a file was the purpose for detecting that column width had changed,
it did not seem as if his suggestion would work.  However, what does work
is to use notify::width to set a flag indicating that the file needs to be
written.  Then catch the button-release event for the treeview that
contains the columns.  If the flag is set when I get button release, then I
write the file (and clear the flag).  This solution works almost perfectly,
but I do get a spurious write when I first select a row.  I hope that
someone will be able to glean something useful from this thread so that it
can now rest in peace.
Jeffrey Barish

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