Re: Treeview column width changed signal

On Feb 11, 2008 1:35 PM, Gorshkov <listsubscriptions oghma on ca> wrote:
Check my first post to you - it contains ALL the code you need, period.
I deal with exactly the same problem you have, for exactly the same
reasons you have to.

Stop trying to implement a toe pedal, and just use the stick shift.

I'm not sure why your tone is overly aggressive. I have to admit that
I've been following this discussion with interest because I, too, have
wanted a treeview column width signal for my application. Using the
"stick shift", as you suggested, is overly complicated and a
reinvention of the wheel for each application developer.

I have the code working correctly now for my application, but it's not
nearly as trivial as it should have been. There's nothing wrong with
constructive criticism of the graphical toolkit, especially if it can
lead to an easier framework with which to work. After all, shouldn't
that be the ultimate goal?

For what it's worth, I too would love to see such a signal.


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