Re: The expander arrow (triangle) in TreeView

Dnia 23-06-2005, czw o godzinie 12:14 +0200, Colossus napisał:
I just gave my two cent as to say; the +- sign was implemented in GTK 
1.2 and it is a beatiful feature of a toolkit to create GUIs. I don't 
see any valid reason to remove it in GTK 2.0.

And I don't see any valid reason why you'd prefer + over an arrow. It's
a matter of taste, IMHO animated arrows look much neater than +.

Are you aware of a theme 
who replaces the triangle with the +- sign ? And what about the lines, 
does exist a theme who implements it ?

GTK-Wimp (win32 integration theme) does +. No lines though, as mentioned
in the bug Tim gave a pointer to.


Maciej Katafiasz <ml mathrick org>

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