Re: The expander arrow (triangle) in TreeView

Dnia 23-06-2005, czw o godzinie 11:32 +0200, Colossus napisał:
It's curently not possible. This standard feature
was removed, in part because it "tends to confuse people".
You can use the old deprecated widgets.

It tends to confuse people ??? With all my respect to people who are 
better than me in coding this is a very "strange" reason. The treeview 
with +- sign, line and the image of the folders opened/closed when you 
click on +- sign, is beautiful to see and also it is a very well way 
of having stuffs ordered. I want to implement it into my coming 
frontend to zip,rar,bzip2 ecc to give the user the way to extract the 
files by clicking on the +- signs to surf the content of the hard disk.

Again, you're not the one to decide here. If the user wants + sign, they
can use appropriate theme. Apps should NOT be able to override that.


Maciej Katafiasz <ml mathrick org>

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