Re: The expander arrow (triangle) in TreeView

On Thu, Jun 23, 2005 at 12:14:29PM +0200, Colossus wrote:
Again, you're not the one to decide here. If the user wants + sign, they
can use appropriate theme. Apps should NOT be able to override that.

I just gave my two cent as to say; the +- sign was implemented in GTK 
1.2 and it is a beatiful feature of a toolkit to create GUIs. I don't 
see any valid reason to remove it in GTK 2.0. Are you aware of a theme 
who replaces the triangle with the +- sign ? And what about the lines, 
does exist a theme who implements it ?

In the above mentioned bug report, Jonathan Blandford states:

"I originally designed it such that you could draw in the lines, but
that code got dropped along the way.  You'd have to make some changes
to gtktreeview.c to get it working and add a style property so that
themes could turn it on.  I don't think that it's fundamentally a lot
of work though -- most of the information needed at each row is
available.  It's mostly a matter of writing the drawing code."

So if that information is correct, it is not currently possible to
write a theme as described.

Tim Orford

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