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On Thu, 2002-05-23 at 18:49, Ian Molton wrote:

Im about to embark on a cross platform, CLOSED source project (sorry, I
get paid a lot for this ands I dont think it'd be appreciated if the
competition got free perks).

What I need to know, is:

1) Is the Win32 (cygwin?) environment production quality? If not, can
GTK be used with MSVC?
Well, cygwin's gcc is 2.95 and it can produce binaries that do not
depend on cygwin's dll and are thus native.  So the compiler is mature,
I believe.  However gtk does work fine with MSVC.

2) How much of GTK works on win32?
I'll let someone who know answer this.

3) Is there any pressing reason I should use GTK2? stability is
PARAMOUNT here. GTK1.2 is 'tried and tested?)
The windows version is actually gtk2.  It started out from the 1.3
sources, which were the betas leading up to gtk2.  I believe you can
still get the 1.3 versions of gtk for windows which are pretty much
compatible with gtk 1.2.  I think the most recent bits are now almost
gtk2 (I think the win32 branch is a little bit behind the unix branch).

4) Is it legal to link with GTK and keep my code closed source?
Short answer, yes.  Long answer is that the GTK is licensed under the
LGPL, and linking to closed applications is permitted.  You should read
through the license, though, so you know exactly under what conditions
it may be used.

5) where can I get a toolchain / environment to do win32 dev. work?
You can use either cygwin ( or the ming gnu compiler
alone.  The ming compiler actually ships with a program called the
BloodShed C++ IDE (available at  

There are other possibilities you could consider, such as wxWindows
(also LGPL) at, and qt, which you'd have to purchase
from  wxWindows does have a native win32 look, so it
will certainly fit on the win32 desktop better than gtk+. Dunno.


Thanks in advance...
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