Re: [gthumb-list] Import photos from PTP device (gphoto2)

On 23/07/10 22:56, Nicolas wrote:
Le jeudi 22 juillet 2010 à 21:02 +0200, Jef Driesen a écrit :
On 22/07/10 18:34, Nicolas wrote:
As far as, I'm concerned, I plug the camera ;
a popup asks me "import with gthumb ? yes / no"
but the device isn't auto mounted !

This could be part of the problem. If I recall correctly, older gthumb
version where using gphoto directly, and not through the gfvs backend.
When you plugin the camera, the gvfs backend would mount the camera
automatically. But then gthumb couldn't access the camera through gphoto
anymore because the device was already claimed by gvfs. To make the
gthumb importer work again, when you choose "import with gthumb" in the
popup, the gvfs mount was first unmounted before gthumb was started.

Maybe you still have a system with the unmount first behavior? Not sure
when that was replaced, but I still always click no in the popup window
and start gthumb manually.

Not exact.

With older gthumb, you don't have to mount camera in nautilus. Otherwise
gthum can't use gphoto directly, since the gvfs backend has claimed the

With new gthumb, you have to mount the camera. Gthumb access the camera
through gvfs backend.

Isn't that exactly what I said above?

Anyway, on my ubuntu system, the old gthumb installs a desktop file (/usr/share/applications/gthumb-import.desktop) that runs this command when you choose "import with gthumb" in the popup:

sh -c 'gvfs-mount -u ~/.gvfs/gphoto2*; exec gthumb --import-photos'

So it does unmount all gphoto2 cameras before launching gthumb. That was introduced as a workaround to let gthumb import (with gphoto2) from cameras that are automounted by gvfs. Of course if you try this in combination with the new gthumb, it won't work because you don't want the unmount step.

For the moment, I have a "simple" issue ; my camera isn't auto mounted
by gvfs backend (gvfs-gphoto2-volume-monitor). So I have to mount manu
the camera before using gthumb.
This issue isn't a gthumb issue. Nevertheless, gthumb should be able to
list device not mounted ; and mount itself the camera !
But I don't know with wich API gthumb can list device connected but not

If your camera is not mounted by gvfs automatically when you plug-in the camera, then that's a gvfs (or udev or whatever is responsible for this) bug. I'm not sure trying to workaround that in gthumb is the right way to fix this.

Maybe your camera is mounted automatically, but gets unmounted immediately again when you choose "import with gthumb" in the popup?

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