Re: [gthumb-list] link from official site to gthumb/gnome page

2009/12/16 Paolo Bacchilega <paolo bacchilega libero it>
Matthias Hawran ha scritto:

If becomes the official page I suggest we maybe
- have a link to it in
- have a link to it in
- put a note on to redirect to it (saying
gthumb is moving to
- build subpages ( ...) to migrate
the sourceforge pages
 like the page for example
- the actual wiki page would be the developer (or participate...) page

What do you think ?
I would be willing to help out and do all these actions (the one I have
rights for) if it's ok with you guys.

yes please, I don't have much free time these days.

- Paolo

OK I did all the actions I had the rights for

The features and screenshots pages are simple copies of the sourceforge pages.
They may need some update.

Still to be done (I don't have permissions):
- have a link to in
- put a note on to redirect to it (saying
gthumb is moving to


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