Re: dynamic containers issue

On Tue, 2010-05-18 at 15:40 +0300, Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) wrote:
> > Well, as I already told you, I think the spec is very focused on
> > providers with a rather limited and static content, not for
> providers
> > like Youtube or other web service.
>    Not really, you can have as many children in a container you want
> and as I (& Lennart) told you many times in the past that the static
> content issue you talked of is not really a problem of the spec but
> dbus-glib limitation. All it requires from you is:

Not exactly. Part of the problem was due dbus-glib limitation, which of
course I fixed.

Other part was due to spec itself, like not providing page-browsing.
Now, it is there, but still I need to cope with the non-paging browsing.
Which fits nice for static content, but not so nice for content like
Youtube. And of course, with the ItemCount and ContainerCount.

> 1. Know the number of children (no need to know how many of them are
> containers and how many items anymore).
> 2. Notify any changes in the container.
>    If some source doesn't give your means to implement this easily,
> its really a bug in the APIs provided by those sources. Since you have
> no way to making them change their APIs (at least not anytime soon),
> the solution is to simulate the required behavior by some clever
> tricks in your middle-ware, like the one I mentioned in the previous
> emails. 

So, you're meaning that not having a ItemCount and ContainerCount in
youtube, for instance, is a bug in the service, right? Well, I'm afraid
most of web services have that bug :)

And yes, what I'm trying to do is fixing the "problem" in rygel-grilo.
But of course, it has some limitations.


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