Re: dynamic containers issue

On Fri, 2010-05-14 at 03:20 +0300, Zeeshan Ali (Khattak) wrote:
>   In that case I just misunderstood and my concerns are misplaced. The
> only question that remains is then whether you want me to implement
> the ChildCount (actually ContainerCount & ItemCount) in rygel or you
> want to handle that in rygel-grilo? At first thought, it seems correct
> to do so in rygel as this issue is (at least currently) specific to
> UPnP but when you think about implementation details, you realize that
> it will be inefficient to do it in rygel.

Right now, I'm implementing them in rygel-grilo. So do not worry about
it ;)

The problem with implementing ContainerCount and ItemCount (as well as
Items and Containers properties) is that I need to retrieve all children
from backend. Why? First, because Grilo only provides "Children", it is
not able to filter them by 'container' and 'item'.

Also, while Grilo provides a key named ChildCount, still I can't use it:
some backends are not able to handle this key, and even so, it refers to
number of items+containers, so I still need to retrieve the elements to
count them by hand.

As obviously this can take a huge amount of time, depending on the
backend, I added an option to rygel-grilo to limit the number of
children when using those 4 keys.


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