Re: get_transform crashes with pygoocanvas0.14

Bruno Coudoin wrote:
Le samedi 27 juin 2009 à 13:08 -0700, Brandon Lewis a écrit :
Bruno Coudoin wrote:
Le vendredi 26 juin 2009 à 08:20 +0200, bruno a écrit :
Le jeudi 25 juin 2009 à 22:46 -0700, Brandon Lewis a écrit :
I also run ubuntu 9.04 and goocanvas seems to work fine for me, though I am on 64-bit. I tested it with the following script:
Thanks for the test. Your script crashes on my side, I have probably
screwed something on my system.
I found what's going on. By default Ubuntu ships with python-cairo
1.4.12 (on 9.04 and currently on 9.10 as well).

But pygoocanvas requires a pycairo >= 1.8.0

I installed pycairo 1.8.4 but it is installed by default
in /usr/local/lib. When I run a pygoocanvas application, obviously the
installed version in /usr/lib is used. I made a link /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/cairo
-> /usr/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages/cairo/

and it works.

Next stage, that's a real mess, what is the process to distribute a
pygoocanvas application. Why does goocanvas 0.14 requires cairo 1.4
while pygoocanvas requires pycairo 1.8 ?

I am not sure this is true, as I am running the stock pycairo 1.4.12 and everything seems to work fine.

Hum, with goocanvas 0.14 and pygoocanvas 0.14 ?

I simply install python-pygoocanvas through apt and everything seems to work without taking extra steps, or installing libraries from source. If you find yourself having to do this sort of thing on a system like ubuntu, stop, take a deep breath, retrace your steps and figure out where you went wrong.

Ok, then you are using goocanvas 0.13 and strangely pygoocanvas 0.12 as
packaged on Ubuntu 9.04. This is a safe choice but in the GCompris case,
I do include goocanvas in our source code for several reasons. My goal
here was to use goocanvas 0.14 on Ubuntu and not the Ubuntu package of


Oh, now it all makese sense =)

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