Re: How to have correct citation of gnumeric

On 01/30/2016 04:13 AM, Adrian Custer wrote:
Absolutely not!

The Gnome Foundation was not alive when the majority of the work on
Gnumeric was done. Also, as a historical aside, the "Gnome Project"
was guaranteed, when the foundation was formed, that the foundation
would not *become* the project but merely provide legal, financial,
and organizational support to the project. Despite the warnings from
those of us against the formation of the foundation, the foundation
immediately started changing the vision of itself to the point that
the project and the foundation are now confused.

Thank you very much for the correction. I was pretty sure I would be
missing at least one level of nuance (umm, I really want a stronger word
here) in all of this, which led me to hesitate to intervene. But then I
saw what seemed to be a misunderstanding of the original request which
led me to feel I had no choice. ;-)

David Benfell, Ph.D.
benfell parts-unknown org

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