Re: How to have correct citation of gnumeric

On 1/29/16 11:01 PM, David Benfell wrote:
As I'm understanding Gabriela, Tim is right. She needs the information
for a citation for Gnumeric itself. She supplied the corresponding
information for R to illustrate what she needs (and in a citation style
that I'm personally unfamiliar with).

Yes, that seems to be the original request.

Since there is no formally published document describing the Gnumeric project, I would suggest the following:

Author:  The Gnome Project.
Title:   "The Gnumeric Spreadsheet: Free, Fast, Accurate --- pick any
Date:    ~release date of version used~
Version: ~this should be included for any scientific work~

So you would end up with:

\bold{The Gnome Project} \it{The Gnumeric Spreadsheet: Free, Fast, Accurate --- pick any three}, version 1.12.26, \texttt{} 2015.

or some such; the formatting will depend on the place the citation is published since usually each publisher or university imposes its own formatting rules.

Does that sound reasonable to everyone?

I think what she is most likely missing is an author or organization
that is responsible for Gnumeric and another one that publishes it. As I
was looking around in her response to her question, I think the Gnome
Foundation (if I'm remembering the name right) might be listed as a
publisher; sometimes this can also be used in place of the author.

Absolutely not!

The Gnome Foundation was not alive when the majority of the work on Gnumeric was done. Also, as a historical aside, the "Gnome Project" was guaranteed, when the foundation was formed, that the foundation would not *become* the project but merely provide legal, financial, and organizational support to the project. Despite the warnings from those of us against the formation of the foundation, the foundation immediately started changing the vision of itself to the point that the project and the foundation are now confused.

Hope that helps,

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