Re: language settings in gnumeric on Windows

Open the file /Data/settings/GnumericPortableSettings.ini
And write : Language=de

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Le 15 oct. 2014 à 15:37, Jakob Müller <jmu fermtech techfak uni-bielefeld de> a écrit :

Hi everybody,


I was really sad to hear that the windows branch of gnumeric is discontinued due to all those inconveniencies you’ve experienced.

However, I’ve got a question on the language settings on the last working windows version: I need dots instead of commas for the graphs of a publication, but I’m working with the German version of gnumeric.

In the linux-branch, different language settings can be applied by the command

 LC_NUMERIC="en" gnumeric (or „de“ for the german version)


to start gnumeric with different language settings and allow a change from dot to comma and vice versa.

However, I don’t know how to start gnumeric with different language settings on Windows. Is there a possibility to create a shortcut with an addition in the “execute in”-line to create the same effect?


I tried to install gnumeric without any translations (just the English version), but ended up with commas anyway.


Best regards





Jakob M. Müller, M.Sc.

Chair of Fermentation Engineering

Bielefeld University

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