transpose on bigger datasets?

Dear all,


I work with (relatively) large data tables and appreciate gnumeric for its stability and speed. I need some advice concerning the use of gnumeric and the function “transpose”.  I have used “transpose” successfully on small datasets.


Problem :


I have a matrix size ca 12345678x9 (ca 10^8 elements, numeric and text fields), in a gnumeric spreadsheet.

I want the transposed matrix 9x12345678.


How is this best done?


What dosnt work :


·         Copy paste special - transpose (bug?)

·         Marking the entire spreadsheet (bug?), when using transpose.

·         The first step when using “transpose” should be to mark a region of size 9x12345678. This is difficult to do “manually”. Can this be done in another way?



I have a 64_x86 linuxmint machine with lots of memory.








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