How about a complete installation package?

Dear gnumeric team,

I have used some older version of gnumeric, and I find it perhaps a superior application than OpenOffice Calc, etc. But the version I have used (1.0.5), provided by the Linux distro installed in our server is obviously obsolete. I have tried to install the latest 1.8.1 which should be much more powerful and bug free. However, I am very disappointed that: - even my fairly recent KNOPPIX 5.1 Linux distro lags well behind in the versions of several libraries needed to compile and install gnumeric 1.8.1 - even if my installation were up to date, I still would need super-user privileges to install the package. I am su for my workstation, but the root administrator of our servers would balk (with reason) at having to update/install so many additional packages - even if I had the patience to install the missing packages myself, I would first have to hunt around for the required versions, and hope that no further dependencies come up (an unlikely hope) as I install them

In summary, why not distribute a stand-alone package that includes all the necessary libraries, so users can GET TO USE gnumeric?

The fundamental flaw of Linux to be a widely installed platform is the apparent expectation of the Linux developer community that the general public will flock to a system that is absolutely user UNfriendly, for even semi-experts, like myself. Only an extremely tiny fraction of computer users have the time, expertise and inclination to do this kind of work. Linux, gnumeric, etc., will remain the playground of hackers, who have the most powerful tools at their disposal, but won't share them with anyone who is not also a hacker. Hopefully, the gnumeric team will take some steps to improve this situation.


Oscar R.

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