Re: Is Gnumeric _NOT_ for Windows users?

On Fri, Jun 22, 2007 at 11:09:08AM +0100, Pedro Lino wrote:
I'm well aware that the devs don't use windows but please don't ignore 
user input and most important of all: don't dismiss a bug as solved 
until it is tested by someone actually using the Windows build
With windows we've been receiving conflicting reports.  The packages
_do_ work for many people.  The trick is isolating why it breaks for
some people.

As the maintainer, I've let this linger for far too long.  We need
an effective repeatable windows build that we can use for debugging.
I've started work on a build environment.  I'll see whether it's
better to use jhbuild under linux or mingw manually on windows.

(BTW thank you again for bothering to build a binary)
I can't claim credit.  Ivan made the build, I just posted it.

I have been warning about a bug in the graphics module since 1.7.2... 
still not solved in 1.7.10 although the bug report was dismissed as solved.
Is this the missing plugin problem 
No, it is the "Charting dialog is empty" bug 
They're one in the same.  The dialog is empty because it's not
finding the plugins that implement the chart types.

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