Re: Data > Table in Gnumeric (Sensitivity Analysis)

On Thu, May 03, 2007 at 01:13:58PM +0800, Gideon Butalid wrote:
Good day everyone.

I have Gnumeric 1.7.8 in Ubuntu Feisty.

I want to "create a Data Table to evaluate a function with multiple inputs,"
using Data>Table>...

I'm doing this for Sensitivity Analysis given two variable inputs.

I tried to do this in Gnumeric in the same manner that I did it in Excel. I
saw the typical dialog boxes also similar to Excel, and I inputted the
necessary entries, still I was not able to create a table.

Does anyone know how to do this right?
Thanks in advance.

Ah hah!  I knew I'd forgotten something ...
The functionality is implemented, but the dialog is incomplete.  I
forgot to hook it up :-)

Sorry about that.  You can import and export them from Excel, but
I'll have to finish off the dialog for an upcoming release.  That's
why 1.7.x is a development series.


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