Re: Help with Online Help?

On Wed, Jul 25, 2007 at 02:04:47AM -0600, Jeshua Lacock wrote:

If I may make a humble suggestion, it might be helpful to add Yelp as  
a listed optional required package? I had no idea to even suspect it  
(but I should know more about GNOME I suppose)

Added to README.
I personally think HTML with maybe links to a PDF version might be  
best, but you are correct, either HTML or PDF can be directly handled  
natively in the users preferred application with the "open" command eg:

      /usr/bin/open /tmp/output.pdf
      /usr/bin/open /use/share/html/index.html

I'll have to do some research into how to produce pdf from docbook
using free tools.  It's going to be somewhat messy on OSX.

Thanks for the pointer, as soon as a made a wrapper I was able to  
intercept the message!

So, I will just make a wrapper called 'yelp' that will do something  

         /usr/bin/open `sed 's\ghelp:gnumeric\gnumeric.html\'`

Would you recommend that I use " 
gnumeric/doc/gnumeric.shtml"? Is there a tarball?

You can generate it in gnumeric/docs/C with a 'make html'.  Although
this assumes a working docbook installation.  You may find it easier
to do it under linux.

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