Re: Help with Online Help?

On Tue, Jul 24, 2007 at 01:44:29PM -0600, Jeshua Lacock wrote:


I have managed to build Gnumeric 1.7.10 here on Mac OS X, and most  
everything seems to work, except the online help.

When I the "Contents" item of the menu "Help", it just silently  
fails. No errors/warnings are produced and no help displayed. The  
menu items "Gnumeric on the web",
"Report a Problem" and "About" all work from the help menu (and is  
displayed in the preferred Mac OS X web browser).

I have scrollkeeper installed.

Can someone tell me what command Gnumeric attempting to launch for  
the help?

The code is in
    goffice/goffice/gtk/goffice-gtk.c : go_help_display
and depends on how you've configured the help system.  Are you
building with a full gnome stack ?  In which case it's likely
defaulting to yelp through some indirections in libgnome.

As you can see we use .chm on windows.  It would be best to use
something suitable native on OSX rather than yelp.  What do other
application use ?  The docs are formatted with docbook, we can
generate  html and chm right now, but something like pdf should also
be possible if necessary.

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