Re: Help with Online Help?

On Jul 24, 2007, at 10:00 PM, Jody Goldberg wrote:

I have managed to build Gnumeric 1.7.10 here on Mac OS X, and most
everything seems to work, except the online help.

When I the "Contents" item of the menu "Help", it just silently
fails. No errors/warnings are produced and no help displayed. The
menu items "Gnumeric on the web",
"Report a Problem" and "About" all work from the help menu (and is
displayed in the preferred Mac OS X web browser).

I have scrollkeeper installed.

Can someone tell me what command Gnumeric attempting to launch for
the help?

The code is in
    goffice/goffice/gtk/goffice-gtk.c : go_help_display
and depends on how you've configured the help system.  Are you
building with a full gnome stack ?  In which case it's likely
defaulting to yelp through some indirections in libgnome.


If I may make a humble suggestion, it might be helpful to add Yelp as a listed optional required package? I had no idea to even suspect it (but I should know more about GNOME I suppose)

As you can see we use .chm on windows.  It would be best to use
something suitable native on OSX rather than yelp.  What do other
application use ?  The docs are formatted with docbook, we can
generate  html and chm right now, but something like pdf should also
be possible if necessary.

I personally think HTML with maybe links to a PDF version might be best, but you are correct, either HTML or PDF can be directly handled natively in the users preferred application with the "open" command eg:

        /usr/bin/open /tmp/output.pdf
        /usr/bin/open /use/share/html/index.html

Thanks for the pointer, as soon as a made a wrapper I was able to intercept the message!

So, I will just make a wrapper called 'yelp' that will do something like:

        /usr/bin/open `sed 's\ghelp:gnumeric\gnumeric.html\'`

Would you recommend that I use " gnumeric/doc/gnumeric.shtml"? Is there a tarball?

Thanks again,

Jeshua Lacock, Owner
phone: 877.240.1364

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