Re: xls open file problem

Gnumeric is quite space efficient in general.  It is possible,
however, that you have
found a case where we do really badly.  (It is especially possible
with xls files not
generated by Excel.)

1. Our .gnumeric format is much denser than .xls
2. Gnumeric will agressively share common expressions in a sheet.

Would it be possible to generate a similar file but with no personal
info in it?  (Replacing
all numbers by 42 and all strings by "xyz" usually does the trick.)

** (gnumeric:12346): CRITICAL **: ms_biff_query_next: assertion
'q->length < 20000' failed

There is a positively *huge* record in that xls file, or else Gnumeric
has gotten
confused while parsing the file.  If you compile gnumeric yourself, you can try
taking out the check in plugins/excel/ms-biff.c


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