Re: xls open file problem

bcml swiftdsl com au wrote:
I have a file which is quite large ( 9.7 MB ) which is part of a legacy system (soon being replaced by a custom written app with db backend) which upon opening does not display any data at all.

If it is of any interest, I have found our a few things since my previous email. The document (with no changes) opened fine (but slowly) in, in which I reduced the data in the spreadsheet in the hope it would open in gnumeric. Gnumeric was then able to open the document however with a load time of approx 12(?) minutes.

However what is even more interesting is the next thing I tried which was to open the document (now approx 6.8MB) in openoffice and then copy and pasted the data into a new file in gnumeric. The resulting file is now half the size at approx 3.4MB. The resulting memory usage is now also less than one quarter then before (if I calculated the memory use of the data itself, not including the memeory used by gnumeric itself it would be much lower, approx 10% of the original). I don't think that the use of openoffice could have had anything to do with the size of the file (increase or decrease) as all previous use had been under gnumeric.

I am not sure if the increase in file size can be attributed to gnumeric or the xls format. If I can find the time I will experiment to try and narrow down why/when this occurs.

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