Re: xls open file problem

Morten Welinder wrote:
Is there any hard coded upper limit to the amount of data one can store
in a an xls file, or indeed for that matter an hard limit to what
gnumeric will read from a file?

There should be no such limit beyond the limit on the sheet size
(256 x 65536).

1. Does the file load in Excel?
2. If you start gnumeric from the command line, is anything printed to
   the console?

I have not tried the file in excel (I don't have a copy here) but will see if I can find a copy.

Opening the file from the console:
<username>@<host>:~/<dir>/<dir>$ gnumeric test.xls
Reading file:///home/argus/work/gnumeric/test.xls
Excel 97 +

** (gnumeric:12346): CRITICAL **: ms_biff_query_next: assertion 'q->length < 20000' failed

To Jody: Sorry but I can't provide you with a copy of the file, given the privacy laws etc here. I can however try anything you would like me to do on the file if that helps.

To all: Sorry I didn't respond to emails earlier, my mail filters put them in the wrong box.


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