Re: Conditional formatting

On Wed, Jun 22, 2005 at 11:44:29AM -0700, Hal Eisen wrote:

I don't think the Conditional Formatting is blocked by the *technical*
side of the solution.  What is lacking is a good description of the GUI
and how the user should interact with the software.  To that end, I've
been scribbling down what at my company we call an MRD (Marketing
Requirements Document) which does just that.  It still needs some work,
but I plan to share it with the group and get input.

That would be very helpful.  As things stand the conditional
formatting implementation supports almost super set of the style
elements that MS Excel allows.
    - background (pattern, and colours)
    - borders (Top, Bottom, Left, Right as in XL + diagonals which are not in XL)
    - Font elements (Missing super/subscript but supports the rest)
    - visibility and protection (not in XL)

We could add other elements such as input messages, or validation
but I don't see a pressing need.

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