Re: Conditional formatting

On Wed, Jun 22, 2005 at 10:02:46AM -0700, Chris Potter wrote:
I've read a few of the discussions on conditional
formatting, but I haven't seen one possible route to
solving this puzzle mentioned.

I have a partial implementation of conditional formatting in my tree
that will land for 1.5.3.  xls in/out and rendering for backgrounds
and borders.   The main limitation is that I have no idea what UI to
use to configure it.  Neither XL nor OOo's approach seems like a
reasonable interface.

If cells can contain RTF, why not just make it
possible to insert formatting codes (eg \b{} \i{})
into an RTF cell?  That is, if you want a cell to
display the value in A1, and make it bold if it's
greater than 10, you could use


This is a distinct problem from conditional formatting, and while
your idea is not currently implemented we do plan to support exactly
this during the value format engine rewrite.  Rich text was added
long after the format engine was written, and the two don't interact

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