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Hey all,

Happy new year! 

     any chance you could flesh out this take on the "state of python in
Gnumeric"? If so I'll turn it into a FAQ answer for all the interest in
scripting and python.

cheers to all,

PS I was just reminded of Chema while taking to a friend, using him as
an example of a presence in our comunity whose passing affected us all.
Thought I'd mention him as a celebration of the humanity of this wierd
GNOME community.

On Fri, 2005-01-07 at 15:41 +0000, John Gill wrote:
Alexey Goldin wrote: 
Ok, another trick question :-)

What is libgnumeric and where do I find it?
Sorry about that -- Jody has been mentioning libgnumeric for a while
now, I suspect it is still partially vapourware.

Gnumeric is built as a model/view/controller + my understanding is
that Jody was working towards splitting out the interface to the model
part of this to libgnumeric.

The idea being that you don't need a gui to talk to the model, if for
example you are some sort of script.

Once libgnumeric exists then the next thing to do would be to create
wrappers for everyone's favourite scripting language.   The python
console would use these wrappers to interact with the model (and hence
the current view in the GUI).   Stanalone python  scripts would be
able to  use the libgnumeric  interface to  read/write/modify
gnumeric sheets  without a GUI.

The py-gnumeric.c code you are working with is a much earlier attempt
to produce python wrappers for gnumeric.  For a long time this has
come with warnings that the API is nothing like fixed + that is one
major reason why it hasn't had more work done on it.

Basically, the project has been waiting for someone with the time and
energy to work out the API.   I think scripting is very high on Jody's
wish-list for 1.5, so things might be about to change very soon.

Meanwhile, one other thing you might like to investigate is
-- this is an example of how to extend gnumeric with your own
functions written in python -- no substitute for full python
scripting, but if you just want to knock up some custom functions then
a good way to go.

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