Re: Controlling gnumeric from Python

Any particular reason you need to use Gnumeric from Python?  Assuming
the data you want is basic tabular data you can easily use ssconvert to
output a comma or tab delimited file and read that into Python using the
csvlib module...

On Wed, 2005-01-05 at 12:18 -0800, Alexey Goldin wrote:
Ok, this is a trick question, I guess.  I am trying to use gnumeric to
read Excel file (no, Basic macros, gnumeric reads it Ok) and get data
into Python. For some reason I was sure this is trivial to do.
However, after spending the whole day googling and looking through
documentation I found only one 5 year old example using old naming
scheme with GOADID and a note that in neares future interface is
likely to change.

I'd like to do something like this:

import bonobo
obj = bonobo.get_object("OAFIID:GNOME:Gnumeric:WorkbookFactory:1.0",
"What do I write here?")

So, is anyone using gnumeric in such a way? Is it possible?  If not,
why not? Is there a modern example?

Probably grokking all the CORBA and Bonobo documentation is a good
idea but, alas, it would take many months :-)

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