Re: Printer fonts and screen fonts differ (WORK_AROUND)

Pere Pujal i Carabantes wrote:
From: Raymond Lillard <rlillard sonic net>
Pere Pujal i Carabantes wrote:
>>From: Raymond Lillard <rlillard sonic net>
>> In a nutshell, the printed (and previewed) output does not look
>> like what I see on the screen.  The root of the problem is that
>> the printed characters are wider on the paper (and in the preview)
>> than they are on the screen.
> I run into similar problem when I run gnumeric whitout gnome
> initialization like starting fvwm2 standalone.
> If I run something like:
> /usr/lib/control-center/gnome-settings-daemon
> --oaf-activate-iid=OAFIID:GNOME_SettingsDaemon --oaf-ior-fd=31
> and then start gnumeric, things go fine.

I am running Gentoo and the Gnome system is at v2.10.
I have not been able to find an application called,
"gnome-settings-daemon".  I am guessing you are using
an earlier Gnome or the Gentoo folks have rewired my
Gnome somehow.  BTW, I boot my system into run-level 3
and start X11 by hand.  I am running Xfce4, v4.2.2.

I've managed this command after looking the issues of 'ps axu' with and
without starting gnome-session. (Usually I run just a window manager)

In fact over a year I've run two copies of gnumeric:
An older version for work that don't have this problem
and the newest for play that gives me in printing trouble.

This until a day that I started a gnome session and discovered that the
printing problem was out.

I was assuming that the problem is in my configuration as none of the
developers seems to have the same problem.

Now I am unable to continue tracking this problem up to the source, I am
unable to identify what is changing at gnome-session startup and how it
impacts gnumeric.

I have a bit more information and a suitable (for me) work-around.

As described above, I am using Xfce4 as my window manager.  On a
whim, I started the gnome desktop environment rather than xfce4
and to my amazement, the screen and print documents look the same.

Going back and forth between Gnome and Xfce4 the problem is evident
only when Xfce4 is active.  Now I am a very long way from knowing
why, but it is quite repeatable, if someone wants to take it on.

Interestingly, when Gnome is active the on-screen rendering is now
wider as the printed version had been all along.  This is the
reverse of my expectation as I had assumed the solution would
result in the printed image changing to match the on screen image.

If anybody wants to pursue this further and needs me to test
something or report on my configuration, do not hesitate to
ask.  Other than that, I can live with my work-around.  Now
I need to get back to real work.

Regards all,

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