Re: date/time-stamp function

On Wed, Sep 08, 2004 at 11:38:45 -0400, Adam J. Henry wrote:
Hi.  I'm interested in using Gnumeric to record time spent on work
projects.  I'm looking for suggests to accomplish the following goals:

      A way to find the difference in two date/time stamps.

I'm not aware of a simple function for that, but you should be able to
construct what you want using DATEDIF, DATE, TIME, YEAR, MONTH, HOUR and

If you are primarily interested in the difference in days, you can just
subtract the values from one another ("Serial Numbers in Gnumeric are
represented as follows:The integral part is the number of days since the 1st
of January of 1900.  The decimal part represent the fraction of the day and
is mapped into hour, minutes and seconds.")

      A quick way to insert a date/time stamp.  This would mark the
      current date and time, but would not be changed every time I
      reload the spreadsheet (as with the NOW() function).

* =NOW()
* go back to the cell
* right-click, select Paste Special -> As Value -> OK.

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