date/time-stamp function

Hi.  I'm interested in using Gnumeric to record time spent on work
projects.  I'm looking for suggests to accomplish the following goals:

        A way to find the difference in two date/time stamps.

        A quick way to insert a date/time stamp.  This would mark the
        current date and time, but would not be changed every time I
        reload the spreadsheet (as with the NOW() function).  While
        not a primary requirement, it would be nice.  However, I need
        to know what format to enter a datetimestamp in so that I can
        later find the difference (in seconds).

I've spent about an hour trying to figure out a way to do this, and have
looked around Google for relevant information after reading the docs.
Also, an Excel-person here says it is not possible to do.  It would be
nice to call him out. ;)

thanks in advance,

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