Re: date/time-stamp function

Adam J. Henry said:
Hi.  I'm interested in using Gnumeric to record time spent on work
projects.  I'm looking for suggests to accomplish the following goals:

      A way to find the difference in two date/time stamps.

      A quick way to insert a date/time stamp.  This would mark the
      current date and time, but would not be changed every time I
      reload the spreadsheet (as with the NOW() function).  While
      not a primary requirement, it would be nice.  However, I need
      to know what format to enter a datetimestamp in so that I can
      later find the difference (in seconds).

I've spent about an hour trying to figure out a way to do this, and have
looked around Google for relevant information after reading the docs.
Also, an Excel-person here says it is not possible to do.  It would be
nice to call him out. ;)

Ctrl + ; => inserts the current date in a cell
Ctrl + : => inserts the current time in a cell

you can subtract one time from another using = A2-A1 or whatever, then
it's just a question of making sure the result is the correct format.
Format->cells and choose something like [h]:mm:ss

Dates are stored as an integer being the number of days since January 1

Time is stored as a fraction of a day. eg 0 is midnight, 0.5 midday,
        0.75 is 6pm

both are displayed as dates, times or both date and time by selecting
the correct format.

IIRC that is the same as Excel.

Right now, here the current date and time is 38250.3875...
or, formatted as m/dd/y h:mm
9/20/04 9:18

Hope that helps.
Kind regards,
Hal Ashburner

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