Re: Compile success! and writing plugins?

Le jeu 06/05/2004 à 18:56, Robert Jerrard a écrit :
Wow, I finally have succeeded in compiling Gnumeric 1.3, thank you to all for
the comments regarding me earlier autogen problems. Particular thanks are also
due to Andreas for his help off-list. 

On a minor(?) note, I do get an error panel on launch:

Errors while initializing plugin system.
Errors while reading info about available plugins.
Errors occurred while reading plugin informations from file
Errors while reading services for plugin with id="Gnumeric_GnomeDB".
Error while reading service #1 info.
Unknown service type: ui.

This is because the ui service is related to bonobo and as bonobo is
disabled, the service is unknown and the db plugin cannot be loaded.


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