Re: Compile success! and writing plugins?

On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 10:56:03AM -0600, Robert Jerrard wrote:
On a minor(?) note, I do get an error panel on launch:

Errors while initializing plugin system.
Errors while reading info about available plugins.
Errors occurred while reading plugin informations from file
Errors while reading services for plugin with id="Gnumeric_GnomeDB".
Error while reading service #1 info.
Unknown service type: ui.

However, this does not appear to inhibit simple calculations in the spreadsheet.

Ignore it, the ui service is temporarilly disabled in the 1.3.x tree
as we finish the transition to GtkAction and gtk-2.4

So now I would like to try writing a plugin. I have not found
plugins/sample/plugin-sample.c in my download and is empty. The attic
contains it with a log entry of "Get rid of old plugins". I take-it that the
attic plugin-sample.c would not work well with 1.3? Could you direct me to where
to find an appropriate plugin-sample.c or is it not available yet? What other
resources are good for learning how to write plugins in C for gnumeric? 

There are several good examples to work from.  It depends what type
of plugin you're looking to add.  For new analytics any of the
plugins/fn-* directories should give you the necessary structure.
For I/O plugins something like plugins/openoffice should be pretty

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