Compile success! and writing plugins?

Wow, I finally have succeeded in compiling Gnumeric 1.3, thank you to all for
the comments regarding me earlier autogen problems. Particular thanks are also
due to Andreas for his help off-list. 

On a minor(?) note, I do get an error panel on launch:

Errors while initializing plugin system.
Errors while reading info about available plugins.
Errors occurred while reading plugin informations from file
Errors while reading services for plugin with id="Gnumeric_GnomeDB".
Error while reading service #1 info.
Unknown service type: ui.

However, this does not appear to inhibit simple calculations in the spreadsheet.

So now I would like to try writing a plugin. I have not found
plugins/sample/plugin-sample.c in my download and is empty. The attic
contains it with a log entry of "Get rid of old plugins". I take-it that the
attic plugin-sample.c would not work well with 1.3? Could you direct me to where
to find an appropriate plugin-sample.c or is it not available yet? What other
resources are good for learning how to write plugins in C for gnumeric? 

Thanks, Bob

Dr. Robert J. Jerrard, Professor of Mathematics,
Concordia University College of Alberta,
7128 Ada Blvd., Edmonton, Alberta, T5B 4E4, Canada.
Phone: (780) 479-9291, Fax: (780) 474-1933.

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