Re: Building gnumeric on windows

On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 06:59:45PM +1200, Brendan Long wrote:
I am planning on getting Gnumeric building on windows so I'm
wondering if anyone is already working on this or has
attempted this.  If so please let me know anything you
learned from the attempt such as what kind of environment to
build in, tips on getting around problems encountered etc.

I can certainly help from the gnumeric side.
I already have a basic working environment using mingw that
I have used to build gtk+ applications, so this should be a
good start, but any further pointers would be much

You've got a mingw env for gtk-2.4.1 ?  I would love to see a
writeup of how you set that up.  I have not yet found a nice turn
key (jhbuild) style mechanism for getting a vialbe mingw build env.

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