Building gnumeric on windows

Hi everyone, like many people I am keen to see Gnumeric
running on windows.  I have already mentioned it to Jody and
it seems there is little stopping this from happening. 
Apparently the following are likely to be the potential

What we need is some help trying to build it.  There are a
potential issues.
   - libgsf has be compiled under win32 but is not in
general use
   - libgnomeprint* these should compile with only gtk but
I do not
     know if it has been attempted

I am planning on getting Gnumeric building on windows so I'm
wondering if anyone is already working on this or has
attempted this.  If so please let me know anything you
learned from the attempt such as what kind of environment to
build in, tips on getting around problems encountered etc.

I already have a basic working environment using mingw that
I have used to build gtk+ applications, so this should be a
good start, but any further pointers would be much

Thanks, Brendan.

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